Pre-Filing Day Newsletter

General Assembly Pre-Filing Deadline is Today!
Pre-Filing Deadline is Today!
Virginia Progressive Legislative Alert Newsletter

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks in the General Assembly, after the initial rush of bills filed the first day, but things are starting to pick up as we approach the pre-filing deadline (the day all bills must be turned in to legislative services to be printed and assigned to committees by the first day of session). 

Check out the interesting bills pre-filed this week:

Legislative Update

What if Virginia teachers could strike?
  • Under current Virginia law, any employee of the Commonwealth or other local government can be terminated for striking, and will be ineligible for public employment for a year.
  • HB67 from Delegate Lee Carter (D-HD31) would change that law to allow most public employees (except public safety workers) to strike. 
Will Virginia bring back parole?

Several bills have been pre-filed relating to parole:

  • HB33 from Delegate Joe Lindsey (D-HD90) would make anyone who was sentenced before juries knew Virginia had eliminated parole now eligible for parole. 
  • HB35 from Delegate Joe Lindsey (D-HD90) would restore parole eligibility for anyone serving life in prison for offenses committed as a juvenile.
  • SB91 from Senator John Edwards (D-SD21) ) restores parole eligibility.
…and more bills
  • Maximum $30 co-pay for insulin: HB66 from Delegate Lee Carter (D-HD31) would prohibit health insurance companies from charging co-pays more than $30 for 30 days worth of prescribed insulin.
  • Electric school bus pilot program: HB75 from Delegate Kaye Kory (D-HD38) would allow Dominion Energy to create a pilot electric school bus program, whose costs are recovered through base rates (i.e. at consumers expense)
  • Removes race from marriage/divorce forms: SB62 from Senator Suetterlein (R-SD19) would eliminate the requirement that a couple’s race be listed on marriage, divorce and annulment records.
  • Change Norfolk City Charter pauper rules: SB96 from Senator Lionel Spruill (D-SD5) would change the charter for the City of Norfolk to remove a law preventing paupers from entering the city, and requiring trains or boats carrying them in to take them back out. Not kidding, that’s actually a law!!
  • Right to vote constitutional amendment: SJ8 from Mamie Locke (D-SD2) would assert that all US citizens 18 or over who are residents of Virginia have a right to vote, ending felon disenfranchisement.

If any of the above bills are important to you, now is the time to contact your legislators and tell them how this bill affects you and your family. Contact information for Delegates and Senators can be found HERE; if you aren’t sure who represents you, put your address in HERE to find out.

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